Start With the Theoretical Model

The theoretical foundation is my favorite component. Develop a rough draft of it first, then tweak it as you write the paper around it. It’s a compass for navigating the maze of research.

Choose two or three theoretical models that already exist. They should be either similar or diametrically opposed. Take a blank sheet and try to come up with a new one. The more you do it, the better you will become. It takes guts to try something new (imagine if Einstein was too scared). My theoretical models have received no criticism from my professors thus far. Of course, with permission from the copyright owner, you can also adopt one, but designing your own model is far more powerful. There are 4-6 papers during your Bachelor you can use to perfect these methods so that when you finally write a Thesis it doesn’t sound like any other garbage.

It’s really not hard to email folks to request permission these days, so do it.